Join us today! We are starting auditions for the 2016-2017 season. Call 616-361-6111 or email us at info@girlschoralacademy.org



Get vocal and join the Girls Choral Academy!Travel

Providing music education since 1997, Girls Choral Academy offers outstanding music education and a welcoming community where girls and young women can learn, grow, and be themselves. Our Campus Choir program offers choirs to girls of all ages.

We invite your daughter to audition for choir today! We will help place her in the choir that is the best match for your daughters experience, aptitude, age, and desired level of challenge. Rehearsals for all Campus Choirs take place at First United Methodist Church, 227 Fulton St NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506.

Visit the Programs page to learn more about each choir level.

Enrollment questions can be directed to info@girlschoralacademy.org.

To set up an audition, contact Lauren McMurry at 616-361-6111. She will be happy to answer any questions about Girls Choral Academy Campus Choirs.
Coro in Cinci

Junior Academy (grades 1-3)

Senior Academy (grades 3-5)

Chamber Choir (grades 6-8)

Concert Choir (grades 9-12)



Choir Tours

Every year or two the Campus Choirs have an opportunity to  travel and sing in other places outside of Michigan. In June of 2016 they will be travelling to New York City! In June 2015 choirs participated in the Queen City Children’s Choral Festival in Cincinnati. Past tours include Chicago, Washington DC, Disney Orlando, and Ireland.