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Do You Have What It Takes? Our First- Ever GCA Auction Procurement Team is now forming!

Updated: Feb 25

In mid November, we will hold GCA's most magical event of the year; the annual Fall Gala! It's a formal event that's designed to bring our supporters together to raise funds for the programs of GCA. While the Gala normally consists of dinner and entertainment, fun speakers and more; a little shopping is also in the works this year with a certain of items available for auction.

One of the first steps in planning a really exciting auction catalog is assembling a very fun group called the "Procurement Committee". This small team of 4-5 dedicated staff, parents, donors or friends of GCA will be given one (1) task and one task only: to procure a list of items together that cost little or nothing up front and are desirable and/or valuable enough to drive bidding. Items often fall into these categories, but the sky is really the limit!

  • Travel

  • Unique Experiences

  • Sports

  • Home & Garden

  • Food & Wine

Need ideas? Some of the best selling items we've seen in recent years included simple but create, personalized auction packages like these:

Construction Crane Operator for an Hour

Veterinarian Bills Paid For One Year

After-hours shopping party for the ladies with champagne & hors d’oeurves

LASIK vision correction surgery

    and so many more!

Coach for a Day: Shadow the local high school or college football coach

Pet obedience training

 -Power Lunch with a Local Politician.

Business portrait photographed professionally, framed with digital rights.

Treasure Chest Full of Lottery Tickets

Kitchen renovation

Wheelbarrow of Wine

Exquisitely decorated custom cake

A Day of Labor at Home provided by athletes from local high school or college sports team.

Learn To Speak Spanish in 10 Weekly 30 Minute Lessons

Be The Principal For the Day

Monthly Homemade Pie delivered HOT to your doorstep once a month.

Number of hours required: 1-2/month until October when we may meet for a few hours and organize the packages, preparing them for auction.

Experienced required? It's a bonus of course, but not necessary. We seek 4-5 volunteers that are (a) active in their communities and have some connections, (b) know GCA pretty well (c) enjoy working in teams, and (d) love having fun in the name of a great cause!

Building a solid auction item procurement committee isn’t just a matter of selecting the first people who volunteer. The individuals who make up our procurement team will have a huge impact on the items we secure for the big event, which in turn will impact how much money is raised for the girls of GCA.

Please send Jody an email if you would be interested! We'll have a procurement committee party to kick it off and brainstorm together, and then wont meet again until October!


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