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Great Singers do Great Warm Ups!

Updated: Feb 19



by Jody Deems-McCargar  on February 1, 2024

February 1st is also National Girls and Women in Sports Day!  While GCA  girls are all passionate singers, many of the students also play soccer, volleyball, run track and other sports.  Being physically fit and healthy is crucial for all kids as they grow and develop.  But did you know that singing can actually be a very physical activity?   The girls are reminded often that “Good singing is hard work!” 

Physical warm-ups for a relaxed and confident singers

At the start of choir rehearsals, many choral directors like to do some stretches to music.  Our choirs at the Girls Choral Academy are quite used to this now, but in the beginning parents might think they got the wrong place and had walked into an aerobics session! This was all light-hearted banter, but some of you may really be wondering what the instructors are doing.

Good singing is hard work.   It’s not just about the voice, it's about the entire body: how we feel and how relaxed we are when we prepare to sing. Physical warm-ups help the girls prepare mentally for singing. If a student rushes into a rehearsal still carrying the tension of the day and launches straight into vocal warm-ups, they probably won't sing at their best.  We believe it's an important part of our job to look after our singers. Many girls may only be singing once a week at rehearsals, but a short routine of physical and vocal warm-ups at the start will set them in the right direction and make their singing experience less tiring and more enjoyable.

Here is a typical physical routine the girls may do in rehearsal but can also do at home:  

  1. Big stretch and yawn

  2. Shoulder rolls and shrugging shoulders

  3. Gentle neck stretches

  4. Breathing in bringing arms half way up and breath out bringing them back down



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