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Board of Directors

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

2024 Board Members

Courtney Flanagan, Board President

Lynn Atkins-Rykert

Charles "Max" Frantz, Treasurer

Debra Hines

Jonathan Kornoelje

Stephanie McNamara

Jamie Mosco

Lynn Atkins-Rykert

Cassie Fancher

Kevin Nelson 

Kim Mitchell (honorary) 

The Girls Choral Academy is overseen by an active Board of Directors.  These people are volunteers.  They give hours of of their time, year after year, to make sure that girls still have a special place to call their own, a place to go and sing together, gain life skills and improve their chances of becoming the happiest, most productive and strong leaders in their worlds.  They are passionate leaders themselves but also a lot of fun to work alongside! We are always looking for great people with unique skill sets to join us.   If you like what we are doing and have and hour or two to spare each month, please reach out and tell us a little bit about yourself! 

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