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WELCOME to the very 1st Blog Post of the Girls Choral Academy!

Updated: Feb 25

Greetings! Today the staff of GCA and I are pretty darn excited. We have embarked on producing the very first Girls Choral Academy BLOG! There is SO much going on with the amazing choirs in terms of events, performances and travel being planned that we want this to be an easy source of information for the community - something that is available to all 24/7/365 days a year. Just go to the website and look for "NEWS". I also encourage all parents and guardians of our lovely singers to visit the PARENT PAGE of the website every week. We will be posting everything you need to continue being the cool choir parents that you are.

Finally, I know we have some very talented writers in this community. Obviously I dont include myself in that category. If you; however, love writing and would be interested in crafting a post for our Blog now and then in English or Spanish or both; we would LOVE to have guest writers so long as the topics pertain to singing, choir and the girls' shenanigans in some manner! Mystery Writers are welcome too...:)

We thank you for your support!

Best wishes, Jody


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