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Memorial Weekend

The Girls Choral Academy wishes everyone a safe and relaxing Memorial Day weekend filled with reflection and appreciation for our heroes.

A co-worker asked me what I was doing for Memorial Day this weekend. I'm a military mom, actually more precisely, a "Marine Mom" as my oldest daughter is an active duty Lieutenant in the U.S. Marines Corps. Military families experience a wide range of emotions on "holidays" like Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. For us, Memorial Day is undoubtedly filled with sadness, guilt, worry and anxiety, but for other modern day Americans, its true meaning seems to have gotten lost. I think it’s because the average citizen has become insulated from military service and the gravity this day holds.

The reality is, the day isn’t about barbecues, sales or even veterans or active-duty Soldiers — it is about the men and women buried across this nation in countless veteran and local cemeteries. They are not faceless; they were our friends, fathers, sons and daughters. Many locally, myself included (Comstock Park) are still reeling in pain from the tragic passing of Marine Captain Miguel Nava who died in a helicopter crash in February. Our prayers continue for the Nava family, Miguel's wife and son, and Miguel's bravery has earned our lasting gratitude.

So when kids ask me "what is Memorial Day all about?" I tell them that this holiday is about showing gratitude and deep respect for the fallen servicemen and women in our country who gave their lives so we could live ours. We fly flags at half-staff and visit cemeteries where brave souls rest. This is how we say thank you and show that their courage will never be forgotten.

The willingness of America's veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude. Thank you for remembering them as we honor the Land of the Free and the home of the Brave this weekend.

With gratitude - Miss Jody at Girls Choral Academy




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