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Welcome New Singers

How To Join:

 1.  The choirs at the Girls Choral Academy are tailored to different age groups and grades in school, and they rehearse in multiple locations.  To determine which choir your daughter should join, visit and read The Choirs page. 

2.  Then, take a moment to read the Attendance Policy page very carefully.  Singers are challenged to have perfect attendance, are held accountable for their participation and being prepared for each rehearsal.  Excellent attendance will be celebrated and honored at the end of the year awards banquet!


3.  Finally, visit the GCA calendar and Events page to make note of all public performances and choir social events coming up.  You can click on any of the calendar's events and it will open up to reveal details.   If you have any conflicts with rehearsals or performances, be sure to let your choir director know by emailing GCA

4.  After learning about GCA's choirs, our attendance policies and upcoming events, you are ready to complete & submit the  Registration Form online here!  While it takes about 5-7 minutes to fill in, it will be the only form required of parents.   Completion of this form starts the ball rolling at our end to get your enrolled & into a GCA choir! You will hear back from the GCA Office within 24-48 hours to confirm placement.  At that point you will receive information pertaining to your daughter's specific choir. 

 Feel free to contact us if you have questions.  We can't wait to welcome your voice to the choir!

Yours in music,  




Giving Girls A Voice Since 1979

Lisa Knight, Executive Director


Jody Deems-McCargar, Director of Development & Communications

Avalon Cutts-Jones, Artistic Director

Erica Soto Choral Director

Hazadiah Whitley, Administrative Program Assistant 

Nicholle Applewhite, Administrative Consultant

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